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Account Cancellation due to moving to the UK

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Account Cancellation due to moving to the UK


I don't know if anybody would be able to help me in English, but I'll try anyway...


In September 2013 I found out that I would be moving permanently to the UK with my husband as we were purchasing a property there. As soon as this was 100% confirmed I contacted Orange to let them know that we want to cancel the existing Open Fiber account (that included mobile phone in it as well), because, obviously, we wouldn't be able to use Orange service from abroad.


At first, the person I talked to on the English speaking help line said that it's going to be difficult to accomplish but possible and then transferred my call to a French speaking colleague who said that they would need a residence rental contract and a work contract. We provided a letter from our estate agent stating that our offer for the property was accepted, but no job contract as we weren't planning on working just after we move. Instead we sent a letter from our French employer that stated that our contract with them was finished on 30/10/2013.

Having no communication received back from Orange offices, on our last day in France we took the Livebox and other accessories to the Orange boutique where we were given the paperwork, confirming that it was done. 


In the first days of November, I checked on the Orange website if there are any news, and there was left a message on the mobile's answerphone that the documents were sufficient enough for the cancellation of the acoount.

However, in a few days I tried to log in again on the website, but now I had no Open Fiber account, but rather as if I was back to the normal Origami Zen mobile account of 29,90€ a month! I left the website, thinking that it was a website glitch. 

But in a month I checked my bank account and noticed that Orange charged me 29,90€ for the service I've never received! In fact, I don't even know where the SIM card is anymore. But the company keeps charging me every month. 

I've been an Orange customer for over 5 years and was quite happy with the service, but THIS is just unacceptable service for a genuine reason account cancellation.


Is there anything that could possibly stop this from happening again and again? I do not wish to be blacklisted because of some kind of mistake on their part.


Thank you


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Re: Account Cancellation due to moving to the UK

Can't help resolve your issue but, I can warn you about a similar issue I'm having.

I left orange 4 or 5 months ago then, then new year started and the dinged my bank account for my normal bill amount. Irritating that even after I was confident it was canceled they started taking my money again for no noticable reason.


Best of luck and keep an eye on those bank statements!

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