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internet & fixe ma connexion

Wifi problem


Wifi problem

Not once I've watched Netflix on my box andnit didn't stop because of the connexion !
Everytime I put the wifi on on my phone, I stop receiving any messages on whatsapp, or even access to my instagram, because the WiFi isn't working !
I've called the customer service 3 times (actually I called more but 3 is the only time they answered after waiting for 10 mins) and they told me to turn it on and off, or remove and replace cables .. anyways, nothing worked
I went to the agency once and didn't find a solution
I am so disappointed in their services after everybody told me 'Orange c'est le top' and actually subscribed
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Re: Wifi problem

Not Hello neither @ReallyNot

More info are needed if you want some help,

First of all did you try to connect only one device on your network. Is the issue exist with a ethernet connection (Netflix one not the one witn your phone) ?

best regards

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Re: Wifi problem



When you're saying the wifi is not working, could you please be a bit more specific ? 

-> When you display the wifi networks around you, do you see your private wifi network in the list ? if yes, how does the icon look like for your connection quality ? 

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