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internet & fixe mon mail Orange

Serveur imap indisponible

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Re : Serveur imap indisponible

Hello again, I assume by connection you mean the internet connection.  I do not think there is a problem with the line unless the internet connection can allow some traffic through and not other traffic.  At the momernt I can access the internet (hence this reply to you) but I still cannot connect to the IMAP server.  Below you will see the message I receive.


IMAP Server.jpg

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Re : Serveur imap indisponible

In addition I deleted the IMAP account and added it again as an SMTP account and I could get my Emails so I do not thing the connection is the issue.  I have now deleted and again added the account as IMAP and I am waiting to see if the intermittant nature re-appears.


Re : Serveur imap indisponible

Hi Neil,


If you type "a connection to the server could not be established" in a search engine, you will find a number of articles, including this one which says that the problem is in the product.




This general Orange forum is probably not the best place to adresse this particular problem since the knowledge of Outlook is scarce and we are only simple Orange customers.


A Microsoft forum would be a better choice.

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Re : Serveur imap indisponible

Mmm this does not look good.  It seems that I I must change to another Email program. However, I still believe the basic problem is with Orange because I can connect using IMAP to my GMAIL account using Moizilla Thunderbird.but not my Orange account.  Below are some screen images of the attempted set up.


I should point out that the username and password are correct.


Thunder 1.jpg

Thunder 2.jpg

Thunder 3.jpg

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Re: Re : Serveur imap indisponible

IMAP indisponible

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