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Mobile Phone Cancellation


Mobile Phone Cancellation


I need english assistance to cancel my mobile contract as I no longer live in France. The english support line number I have found ( +33 9 69 39 39 00) is not in English.

In Spring 2018, I got ahold of English assistance and supposedly canceled my mobile contract however, I am still getting charged the monthly contract fee. 

I have tried everyway possible to get in contact with Orange to cancel this mobile contract, but no one responds to me. 

This is unbelievable! 

Also, whenever, I try to cancel it online the only cause of termination I can choose is that the phone holder is deceased. I just cant believe how hard this is!

Please help me!

super star

Re: Mobile Phone Cancellation


Perhaps the answer :


J’aime ce qui et carré et qui tourne rond

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