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internet & fixe mes services Orange

Contacter Orange

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Re : Contacter Orange

Bonjour @1231

“J’entends et j’oublie, Je vois et je me souviens, Je fais et je comprends.” (Confucius)
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Re : Contacter Orange

j'ai un problème pour envoyer des messages à une amie qui reçoit les miens. Mais vice-versa ça ne fonctionne pas. QUE FAIRE

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Re : Contacter Orange

It is really impossible to get connected with Orange. 

I have a problem with paying for my airbox such that the 4G MiFi is working (recharger)

The MasterCard both of Credit Agricola and of the Dutch bank are refused

Contact with my bank revealed that everything is working correctly. So the trouble is with Orange.

If you want to call you can ONLY with a orange mobile or fixed line. So that does not work

If you want to mail you need a contract number which you don't have if you have only an airbox. So here the route to contact is blocked as well

the chat is blocked also. 

If you go to a brick-and-mortar boutique, you can not explain the problem. Guess what you have to contact Orange using the website. AAArgh!


Everything is blocked apparently to make it impossible to get a decent connection where you can explain a problem and look for a solution.

Very anal approach of communication: Orange has decided that you have to jump through these hoops. If you don't know how, tough luck, your fault, you are screwed.

A very frustrated 'customer'?? 

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